Hats off to the Premier of Dr. Z’s Amazing Leadership Institute


Hang on to your hat!

Okay perhaps you are not Mr. Frumble who was always having his hat blow away in Richard Scarry books – but hang on to your hat anyway because you are in for a leadership ride like no other. This is no Segway to leadership this is the full wheel deal.

The picture for this post is from Flickr’s pool of creative commons’ hat pictures. It included the caption:

Who Needs “Leadership Challenge” When you have deadly colorful Samurai hat! Yarrrr.”

Dr. Z is up to the challenge — are you?

It is not a coincidence that this blog started on May 30th.

[Okay it is a coincidence — I wanted to start sooner but I followed Stephen Covey’s idea of first things first and rolled $26.00 in loose change, took it to the bank, and forgot about this exciting leadership blog for a week.]

But I am sure May 30th is significant if you’ll just give me a moment to look up this date in history I will be right back to tell you why this launch date is so significant.

Okay here it is:

May 30, 1431: After being captured by Burgundian troops and then handed over to English troops, French military leader Joan of Arc is burned as a heretic in Rouen, France.

So you see Dr. Z, like Joan of Arc is a leader. It may be 576 years after Joan was burned but feel the heat of Dr. Z the modern day fearless leadership heretic. The only thing that Dr. Z fears is Burgundian troops!

Be prepared for the full impact of Dr. Z’s LEADERSHIP LESSENS with ideas you can use to cruise right into six figure leadership.

Picture Credit: Leadership Challenge by http://flickr.com/photos/geekbeard/472910331/ .

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