Just a Minute: Dr. Z’s Top 5 Time Management Principles


Are you managing your time or is time running you? Does that clock on the wall keep on pushing you? Oh sure you can join the Getting Things Done cult but when all is said and done what do you do then?

Practice Dr. Z’s top 5 secrets to postmodern day time management:

  1. Save valuable seconds by never taking a second look at anything. The past is past and the future is not here so stop and smell the correction fluid. Let emotions govern your priorites rather than some intoxicating logic that has you doing budgeting when your heart hungers for popcorn at a Tuesday afternoon movie.
  2. If you don’t have a to do list consider yourself a lucky leader and don’t start one now. Studies (and who has time to actually find them) have indicated that the biggest time waster is writing a daily to do list.
  3. Give up trying to find lost items. When a sock is gone go barefoot and if you can’t find your car keys it probably is a sign to get out and buy a new car as you spend quality time with a plethora of people trying to sell you a car with at least 16 cup holders.
  4. Stack don’t file. Filing can lead to nasty paper cuts and stacking papers on your desk gives a strong aura of  an indefatigable worker who is too busy doing IMPORTANT things to bother with mundane tasks.
  5. If you really want to master procrastination spend your time reading time management books and color code your lengthy to-do list rather than doing the work that needs doing. Heck, we all know that if you get your work done either your boss or your spouse will find more for you to do.

Live the minute.

Sure, following Dr. Z’s 5 time management secrets does not guarantee you’ll get ahead but who wants to have a head that looks suspiciously like a clock?

Picture Credit: What’s the time mr wolf? by http://flickr.com/photos/monkeyc/324659432/



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3 responses to “Just a Minute: Dr. Z’s Top 5 Time Management Principles

  1. love that word indefatigable…

    my (samurai) hat off to you, Dr Z, on the launch of this blog…

  2. Z


    Anytime someone doffs their samurai hat Dr. Z. feel both honored (American) and honoured (Canadian).

    Note the sensitivity to cross cultural perspectives in leadership demonstrated by Dr. Z. vigilant attention to spelling.

    Dr. Z.

  3. You can feel honoured (Australian) in two, no, three languages??? cool…

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