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Manners Maxims for More Money with Mr. Eddie Cut

Dr. Z’s Leadership Institute is proud to have Mr. Eddie Cut join the faculty to teach you: Don’t Miss Manners or Miss Steak when the Stakes are High trust Mr. Eddie Cut. A bit of clever and cagey branding by Eddie to weave his own name in there. We can all learn something from this guru of greetings.


Here are 8 of Eddie’s Business Manner Maxims:

  1. Public burping loses contracts and contacts: Belch in private for increased sales and networking.
  2. Use cuticle power: Have clean finger nails to nail a new job.
  3. Don’t fork up your future, always cut with a knife.
  4. Well shined shoes add real polish to your PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Sprinkle your conversation with the other person’s name to show them you know who they are and you are not afraid to say it.
  6. When eating pizza with a client show pizzazz by not spitting your anchovies into the napkin. This will demonstrate to the client that you don’t mind fishy deals and you are ready to swallow just about anything.
  7. Even if you work with a toxic boss never place bottles of rat poison on the conference table.
  8. Develop the fine art of flossing. Never untie your shoe, take out your lace, and use it as dental floss to dislodge the hunk of steak embedded between your lower left molars. You come out looking like a real floss-loss, and this move, creative as it is, can be real deal breaker leaving you with nothing more than a small hunk of steak wedged to your shoelace.

Enroll now to achieve perfect etiquette with Mr. Eddie Cut.

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