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Going up: How to craft a dynamic elevator speech.

Dr. Z is adamant: As a future leader, you must have a personal elevator speech plus a little extra that sets you apart.

Be prepared when the door opens on opportunity or if you get stuck between floors with a captive audience – regale anyone trapped behind the door with your unique elevator speech.

A pithy and potent elevator pitch ensures that you will be noticed in small enclosed spaces.

Elevator though leaders, those consultants who spend far too much time going up and down, suggest your presentation be a cogent 30 second zinger of who you are and what you can do for others. Dr. Z, our incessant innovator at the leadership institute believes you should always go the extra floor – leave your awestruck audience with something tangible.

Here is an example of an elevator moment: My name is Jack and I make magic happen by putting my stamp on the mail delivery system – the lifeblood of our organization – and ensure you get the mail every day before 10:14 a.m.

WOW, a person hears that and they are saying to themselves we must get this person into LIP: The Leadership Intern Program initiative.

But if you have 30 seconds to shine, let’s craft your speech to take you to the penthouse.

Here’s your template:

My name is _________ (don’t say blank, fill in the blank with your real name) and I _______________ (impress others with your organizational contribution) and gift them something they can’t resist, such as a GI Joe action figure wearing the company hat!

In the battle to the pinnacle of leadership there is nothing like an elevator speech and the gift of a GI Joe action figure to get people to notice you and to ensure that they are talking about you throughout the entire organization. Your name will be on everyone’s LIPs as you take your rightful place in the Leadership Intern Program.

Dr. Z. looks forward to seeing you at the top. But please, just remain quiet so he can enjoy the elevator ride.


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