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Metaphor Madness of Leadership: Put a Stamp on It

Dr. Z. has given instruction to staff that it is time to rekindle the leadership metaphor madness that was launched in the spring of this year. He said it might help anyone who is 6 months from and 6 months to the NCAA March Madness Basketball. So here we go with a little love…


Leaders are like postage stamps:

Leaders don’t forget to put their unique stamp on leadership!

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Quotation Corner: Don’t Myth Out On Leadership

Welcome back to Dr. Z’s Leadership Institute Quotation Corner.

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born – that there is a genetic factor to leadership. This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born. ~ Warren G. Bennis

If leaders are made what are the ingredients?

  1. 73 hours of work each week: this adds substance to the recipe of leadership. In addition it will make your hourly wage rate a whooping $.61 cents over minimum wage, and based on current calculation may make you eligible for some social assistance.
  2. One Wal*Mart Greeter’s vest: this will make you stand out as a leader and make you human and welcoming to all employees and to be able to show them where the toilet paper is. It may also give you experience in a future job you may hold to supplement your retirement income.
  3. One M.B.A. this will demonstrate a willingness to do many meaningless assignments at university to get your degree and future employers will seize that skill set to have you perform many meaningless activities at work.
  4. One Coach: someone who is willing to stand in your future and say it is impossible.
  5. One BlackBerry: this will keep you in constant contact without you ever having to really engage with the living breathing employee standing right in front of you asking, “can I have six months of paid leave to look after my aging budgie bird?”

Dr. Z.’s Leadership Point to Ponder: Leadership is for the birds so whatever you do don’t budge, budget.



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Quotations: The Secret of Insightful Knowledge Management


One of Dr. Z’s. key maxims is: When in doubt, quote. Transformational leaders demonstrate the attitude of platitude.

Sprinkling your meetings with quotations is the secret formula for demonstrating high performance knowledge management.

To help you leverage your leadership moxie Dr. Z. will bequeath you quotations to share with your staff to instill inspiration, innovation, interaction, insight, and tepid applause.

At your next staff meeting before someone starts up the projector and turns out the lights, command the team’s attention and assertively proclaim:

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. ~ Source Unknown

Dr. Z. would like to share the leadership lessens of this quotation?

  1. When you can’t even find the elevator, do not lend your name to a quotation – leave the attribution as anonymous.
  2. This quotation is invalid if you work at the top of the Empire State Building.
  3. Beware of false dichotomies: Notice that there is no mention of an escalator.
  4. If the elevator is broken – call a repair person – if there really is no elevator move to another building.
  5. A true leader empowers, empower your minions to take the stairs for you while you take the credit and the kudos of all successes for your team – this will be sure to endear you to your staff as they recognize what a team player you really are.

Reflective Leadership Point to Ponder: If you actually did take the stairs, where would you put them?

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