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Metaphor Madness of Leadership: Put a Stamp on It

Dr. Z. has given instruction to staff that it is time to rekindle the leadership metaphor madness that was launched in the spring of this year. He said it might help anyone who is 6 months from and 6 months to the NCAA March Madness Basketball. So here we go with a little love…


Leaders are like postage stamps:

Leaders don’t forget to put their unique stamp on leadership!

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How to PowerPoint – Watch the Video not the slide

Watch the following video by Don McMillan on how to capture your audience with PowerPoint.

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The Shortest and Most Powerful White Paper on Leadership Ever Written

Dr Z.’s Leadership Institute staff have been doing extensive and exhaustive research in July and have now developed the quintessential leadership whitepaper.

Okay, we admit it wasn’t the whole month we worked. Would you believe that we put in a full week? If not, would you believe that we spent a full day on it? Okay we were golfing, drinking, and going to the beach all month, but if you look carefully you will notice the paper is all white, except for the print!

And as an added bonus we have offered the document in a Word format so that you can tweak a few words, change the attribution, and call it your own. Okay, we admit our Adobe Acrobat PDF maker wasn’t working, we couldn’t figure out how to get it to work, so we just left it as a Word document and had the clever guys in marketing come up with a rationale — “it makes the document open source,” they said. This nugget of marketing wisdom was generated at the 19th hole after half a dozen beers.

Click on the link below and to open the Word version of the white paper:


If you take the time to read the whole paper, and this means getting to the end of the one page you will notice an additional clever marketing ploy generated by the same guy who said it was open source:

We know things that  you don’t.

We won’t tell you what they are unless you pay us a big fee!

Operators are standing by…

Call Dave at (204) 254-2130

Email Dave at

Ask about the free Gerbil cage,

including a Gerbil exercise wheel, with every new contract!


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Leadership is like a knife

Dr. Z presents another in his series of leadership metaphors.


Leadership is like a knife:

  1. You need to stay sharp.
  2. You have to make cuts in budgets, people, or roast beef.
  3. You spend a good part of the day just hanging around.

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Thought Leadership: Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?


Have you noticed the rise of a new term in leadership. Thought Leadership.

According to Wikipedia (the on-line source to decrease the need to think):

Thought leader is a buzzword or article of jargon used to describe a futurist or person who is recognized among their peer mentors for innovative ideas and demonstrates the confidence to promote or share those ideas as actionable distilled insights

Translation: If you are a thought leader it means you can’t be bothered really doing anything but you can sit for long hours and think and think some more and then tell others what to do based on your distilled (about half a bottle of gin) insights.

Because thinking is so important to leadership, second only to getting large stock options, Dr Z’s Leadership Institute will be offering the following 6 Cognac and Cogitation Thought Leadership Seminars this fall.

Blinking Thinking. We will read an excerpt of Malcolm Galdwell’s book Blink, contort our eyelids to go up and down like fast moving elevators as we blink out Morse code messages around the seminar room.

Finking Thinking. We will think about leadership ethical dilemmas and figure out how to fink on someone who did something wrong without them being able to identify who finked.

Linking Thinking. We will embark on an Internet search and start following so many links that before we know it we will be sending money to someone who knew our deceased distant relative in Nairobi who died and left us 2 million dollars but our agent in Africa will need us to send them $2633.21 to cover the postage to ship that money to us. Proving that if you can’t think, you can always link

Oinking Thinking. We will learn to ham up our leadership style by thinking outside the pen and realize that oink does not rhyme with think even thought it looks like it should.

Pinking Thinking. Following the insight of Daniel Pink we will develop A Whole New Mind. There used to be a movement that when I am old I shall wear purple and now Pinking Thinking Thought Leaders will wear Pink and use empathy, symphony, story, design, play and meaning to create a hole in the mind that will let out really good ideas which followers will embrace as they storm the nearest hill for no apparent reason.

Winking Thinking. Of course or on the course we all need something completely different, such as Monty Python’s Nudge Nudge wink wink innuendo thinking. If you know what I mean.

If you register early you will receive Dr. Z’s custom designed FOLLOW THE LEADER t-shirt and THOUGHT LEADERSHIP IS LIKE A YO-YO, YOU’VE GOT TO KNOW HOW TO SPIN THINGS coffee mug. 

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