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Retreat Just About Complete

Dr. Z. will be leaving this place in cyberspace and will be showing up occasionally at

To his 2 loyal readers (I love you mom and dad) he says thank you and hopes you follow him over to Slacker Manager.


Also, he wonders if it is okay to bring his dirty clothes over to wash when he comes for Sunday supper with the family.

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Evasive Action


Dr. Z. has feared that the institute may come under attack from the Burgundian menace.

He is suggesting that we move operations to another location.

You will see Dr. Z. appear at another website near you.

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The Engima Factor


To be unveiled on the Vernal Equinox

2008-03-20 05:58

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Dr. Z will be catching some Zzzzzzzz’s

Dr. Z will be taking a break and the institute will be closed for the next 3 weeks.


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The Shortest and Most Powerful White Paper on Leadership Ever Written

Dr Z.’s Leadership Institute staff have been doing extensive and exhaustive research in July and have now developed the quintessential leadership whitepaper.

Okay, we admit it wasn’t the whole month we worked. Would you believe that we put in a full week? If not, would you believe that we spent a full day on it? Okay we were golfing, drinking, and going to the beach all month, but if you look carefully you will notice the paper is all white, except for the print!

And as an added bonus we have offered the document in a Word format so that you can tweak a few words, change the attribution, and call it your own. Okay, we admit our Adobe Acrobat PDF maker wasn’t working, we couldn’t figure out how to get it to work, so we just left it as a Word document and had the clever guys in marketing come up with a rationale — “it makes the document open source,” they said. This nugget of marketing wisdom was generated at the 19th hole after half a dozen beers.

Click on the link below and to open the Word version of the white paper:


If you take the time to read the whole paper, and this means getting to the end of the one page you will notice an additional clever marketing ploy generated by the same guy who said it was open source:

We know things that  you don’t.

We won’t tell you what they are unless you pay us a big fee!

Operators are standing by…

Call Dave at (204) 254-2130

Email Dave at

Ask about the free Gerbil cage,

including a Gerbil exercise wheel, with every new contract!


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Canadian Political Leaders as Cowboys

The Globe and Mail has pictures of Canadian leaders dressed in cowboy hats and cowboy gear.

If you ever thought about throwing your hat into the political arena you better check out these pictures first:

I think one quick glance at these pictures and you will realize why Canada is not a world super power.

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Leadership is like a knife

Dr. Z presents another in his series of leadership metaphors.


Leadership is like a knife:

  1. You need to stay sharp.
  2. You have to make cuts in budgets, people, or roast beef.
  3. You spend a good part of the day just hanging around.

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Are you a leader or a manager?

What is the difference between leadership and management?

So much has been written on the difference between leadership and management. Dr. Z has scrutinized these 2 words and he has unlocked the secret differences for you:

  1. Leadership comes before management in the alphabet – so if you want to come first be a leader not a manager.
  2. There is a “ship” in leadership and a “man” and “men” in management – if you want to sail through work be a leader but if you want to be a man’s man be a manager.
  3. There is “hip” in leadership and “age” in management – if you want to be hip be a leader but if you feel old or age be a manager.

Now you know why it is Dr. Z’s Leadership Institute not Dr. Z’s Management Institute. Dr. Z is hip, he is sailing along, and he strives to be first.

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Leadership is like a…

Dr. Z. believes in the power of metaphor or similie (if you like that sort of thing).

Complete the following sentence:

Leadership is like ….

When you master metaphor you will master leadership. You can voice the metaphor during all occasions, people will be bamboozled by your ambiguity, others will salute you as a sage, and you will be like, cool eh.

In future posts, Dr. Z. will share some powerful leadership metaphors to prime your mind with the miracle of metaphor to take you to the next level of leadership.

For example, leadership is like a penny:

  • it makes cents
  • it often is ignored or undervalued, and
  • it doesn’t get you much anymore.

Any reader with a creative leadership metaphor is encouraged to post it in the comment section of this blog so other leaders can steal it can call it their own.

A penny for your thoughts…


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Wait Here, I found a hair in my goal


Goals can drive you hairy or you can even have hairy goals.

Dr. Z. encourages you to have hope rather than goals. Because who ever wants to hear someone say to them, “you haven’t got a hope.” And nobody ever says, “you gotta be hag!”

Perhaps you have heard of a BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

Collins and Porras defined a BHAG as:

A true BHAG is clear and compelling, serves as unifying focal point of effort, and acts as a clear catalyst for team spirit. It has a clear finish line, so the organization can know when it has achieved the goal; people like to shoot for finish lines.” (Collins and Porras, 1996).

Dr. Z recomends just the opposite – a SBEH – Small Bald Easy Hopes. Here are the benefits:

  • Small: When you think of it at the end of small is the word all – small is all you need.
  • Bald: Keep the hair out of the goal and have the fantastic association of soaring with Bald Eagles.
  • Easy: Easy does it, why make work any harder than it is. Also this will give you plenty of time to goof off because the goal will not take much time to achieve.
  • Hope: Why set goals when you can live on hope?

So rather than state : I will be the top widget guy in the world go with hope. Here is a hope statement. I hope I can keep these widgets being made and I hope I have a job tomorrow. And shoot for the finish line – this is Dr. Z’s finish line – so carry on leading, loving, learning and being lazy.

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